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For both social and professional uses
Available on
Get socialized
Advanced Telecommunication Service for Free
With VoxyPAD, you can text, call and collaborate simultaneously with anyone, anywhere. Enjoy seamless talking and real-time sharing for free.
Voice-based Collaboration

Free one-on-one session. High-quality audio. Drawing tools, web pages and cloud-based documents access supported.

Advanced Messaging

Message with rich content from voice, photos to web pages and documents. Group chat up to 20 people.

Multiple Devices

Authorize 2 separate devices per VoxyPAD account. Available for iOS, Android and Windows PC platforms.

Real-time Exchange of Contents
Access unlimited content during your collaborative session.
Everything is at your fingertips.
Your Every Walk of Life
Cater to your every walk of life for
both fun and professional interactive mobile communication uses.
Close the distance

Share images, browse the web, and send creative messages to the people closest to you.

Stay connected whenever, wherever

Integration with cloud storages makes it easy to access and co-annotate documents on the go.

Communicate with unlimited contents

Various drawing and editing tools and live updates for everyone to see what is being edited in real time.

Be completely mobile

Any device is your connected platform for seamless talking and real-time sharing.

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