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Interactive tour

Before you start using VoxyPAD to keep in touch with your friends, you need to add them to your contact list.

Add contacts in VoxyPAD

It's best to sign in Voxypad with your Facebook credentials. Then your Facebook friends are automatically imported into your VoxyPAD contact list. Now you can make free voice/video calls and send instant messages to your Facebook contacts who are using VoxyPAD.

Add a VoxyPAD user

To add a VoxyPAD user

  • 1. Open VoxyPAD
  • 2. Tap Call on top menu
  • 3. Tap on Search box
  • 4. Enter a contact's name Call on top menu
  • 5. Tap Search contacts on server
  • 6. Select the contact you want to add from the search results and tap Add

As the person is added to your contact list, you can make free voice calls and send messages to them. You should introduce yourself and ask that person to add you in his/her contact list in return.

Invite a Facebook friend

To add a friend in your Facebook contacts who is not using VoxyPAD:

  • 1. Open VoxyPAD
  • 2. Tap Call
  • 3. Tap on Search box
  • 4. Enter a contact's Facebook name
  • 5. Select the contact you want to invite to join VoxyPAD and tap Invite
  • 6. Write something about your invitation if you want, and tap Share

(*) You can only invite a friend from your Facebook contacts when you allow VoxyPAD to access your public information on Facebook. To invite a friend who is not in your Facebook contacts, send him/her an invitation via email.

Invite friends by email

  • 1. Open VoxyPAD
  • 2. Tap Settings button
  • 3. Tap Invite Friends by Email
  • 4. Enter a friend's email address (or multiple emails)
  • 5. Write something about your invitation if you want, and tap Send

Customize your profile

Change your cover photos

You can add a maximum of 5 photos for your cover. These cover photos will be displayed in order they were added. Just tap on the photos themselves to open Current Cover Photos.

Tap    to deselect any photos you do not want to display on cover.

Tap    to select the new photos from your albums or VoxyPAD photos.

Change your profile image

If you sign in VoxyPAD with your Facebook credentials, your Facebook profile picture will be displayed as default profile image in VoxyPAD. Tap on the image to change. You can use a photo from your albums or take a new one.

Welcome to your Notepad

To interact with your VoxyPAD friends in real time, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Notepad tools including:

1. Draw with Pen, Highlight Pen, Shapes in many colors and use Eraser to delete details.

2. Cute Momo-Baby Cat stickers to lighten up your conversation.

Insert a photo from your albums or take a new one. Crop, resize or rotate to edit the photo.

3. Have fun co-browsing the web with your friends. More details

4. Share and draw on files (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .png, .jpeg) from cloud services like Dropbox.More details

5. Add text in different sizes and colors. Translate text to 10 different languages.

6. Locate your current location with instant updates.

Explore other interesting functions.More details

Co-browse the web

Voice chatting is more fun when you two browse the web together in real time. It is easy. Tap Web Web and enter keywords or URL in the search box. If you want to talk more about something, switch to Drawing ON and take notes on web content with all drawing tools.

Access cloud services

Access your cloud services right in Notepad to quickly browse and share files with your friends. Tap Document to open Cloud-based access, tap Dropbox on upper-left corner. Next, sign in Dropbox with your account information. Tap on the file you want to share with your partner. If you want to take notes on top of contents, switch to Drawing ON.

Your personal data like email and password stay on your browser. They never hit our servers and will never be seen by your partner.

Share from Notepad

You can easily share your amazing content on Notepad. Tap More and choose Share Facebook or Email. You can also save the current Notepad to your Notepad history for editing later.

Notepad in different modes

Notepad can be used in 3 different modes: collaboration use, individual use and messaging use.

1. Collaboration mode

This collaboration mode is automatically activated when you are in a call. Notepad is opened on both your side and your partner's side at the same time.

2. Individual mode

To create your own content on Notepad individually, tap Notepad Icon on top menu bar. You can choose to open New Notepad to start from scratch or a saved Notepad in your Notepad history to continue from where you left off.

3. Messaging mode

To create interesting messages with your own drawing and images, you can tap Notepad Icon on the left of text box. Then add in any contents you want from your photos, website contents to cloud based files and send to your friends as messages.

Notepad menu in different modes

There are some changes in the Notepad menu to match your specific uses in each mode.

1. Collaboration mode
2. Individual mode:
3. Messaging mode: