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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

You can setup a VoxyPAD account either by using your email address or by using your Facebook account to enable collaboration functions with your friends.

You can sign up to VoxyPAD with Facebook credentials. Facebook contact list will be imported automatically into VoxyPAD.

You can also use your email address to sign up. In this case you have to manually add contacts into VoxyPAD .

You just call your friends to establish the connection Notepad will be automatically activated on iPads, Android tablets and Window PCs. For iPhones and Android phones, you need to manually activate Notepad by tapping Notepad button. Learn more

VoxyPAD allows you to invite friends by both Facebook and email. Learn more

No. The service for all VoxyPAD users is completely free, including calling, messaging and collaborating.

VoxyPAD currently works on iOS, Androids and Windows PC platforms. You can download VoxyPAD for your device here.


No. VoxyPAD allows you to close Notepad without hanging up. Just tap Hide button to close Notepad, you can re-open Notepad during your call by tapping Notepad button.

You can tap Notepad icon on the left of Message text box, then create and send complex ideas to your friends as personal messages. Learn more

Yes. You can use Notepad in individual mode by tapping the Notepad icon on top menu bar. Learn more

Yes. The content created on Notepad can be shared to your social networks or email by using sharing options inside Notepad. Learn more

Currently, VoxyPAD only supports one-on-one session to enhance your best collaboration experience with the app.

To create a group chat, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Message on top menu bar
  2. Tap New
  3. Enter contacts you want to add to group
  4. Start sending messages

Once you sign up for a VoxyPAD account, you will receive updates via emails as well as in-app notifications from VoxyPAD. You can also visit our Blog for latest news .

Your Account

Currently, VoxyPAD supports user sign-up with Facebook accounts and email addresses only.

VoxyPAD does not allow users to switch between accounts on one device.

To use a different VoxyPAD account, you have to reinstall the app and sign back in again.

VoxyPAD allows you to manage 2 device per account.

This will help you sync contacts, messages and more easily between your 2 mobile devices or a mobile device and a PC.

You can delete the VoxyPAD application from your mobile device if you no longer want to use the service.

This will remove all of your private data such as messages and call history from VoxyPAD permanently.

Your personal data is not collected or stored on VoxyPAD's server.


Some issues you may experience with VoxyPAD will require you to kill the app and re-open it to solve the problems.

If you encounter the same problem frequently, please contact us for further help.