VoxyPAD - A cross-platform app for real time sharing

Android users no longer have to wait to talk and collaborate in real time. VoxyPAD, the app for interactive telecommunication, is now available on most popular Android models. By providing more mobile offerings, VoxyPAD has become the comprehensive cross-platform for iOS and Android users, enabling them to seamlessly connect and collaborate together.

VoxyPAD - primarily known as the real time sharing app - allows users to create and share hand-written or hand-drawn content in real time and discuss ideas without ever leaving the conversation. "We know consumers have been waiting for a VoxyPAD Android app and today, we're happy to announce its release this month," said Setsuro Tamai, CEO of VoxyPAD.

With the release, Android customers will enjoy basic functions of the app, including:
  • Advanced Messaging
  • Content Collaboration with Voice
  • Built-in Browser
The use of VoxyPAD can range from casual online get-togethers with friends to brainstorming and problem solving in education and team work. With the new mobile version, VoxyPAD aims to access a larger base of users, one step closer to its vision of empowering people all over the world to unlock their productivity and creativity.