VoxyPAD all-in-one app for your communication

Mobile devices have become very popular in today's world, but people still find themselves wasting their time with loads of emails and phone calls. What do we need to maximize our mobile productivity and stay truly connected?

To fill in this opening, VoxyPAD has recently launched a real time sharing platform that allows users to interact simultaneously on photos, documents and web contents while talking in a voice call. The app is called VoxyPAD and aims at creating a real "together" experience for everyone.

To spice up a conversation, VoxyPAD has an in-app browser to enable two friends to surf the Internet together and view the same web pages in real time. For example, if you two are planning for your travel, co-browsing with VoxyPAD on the website of Tripadvisor will feed you with valuable information for your discussion. The fun is endless because you can take notes together about places of interest right on top of the website's content.

Another feature that makes VoxyPAD stand out is in-app access and collaboration on all your documents from cloud platforms like Dropbox. To start talking about a report, users can open their files on Dropbox, quickly highlight important points and strike up a conversation around it.

Plus, as "a picture is worth a thousand words," VoxyPAD added in an extra useful feature, quick response messaging, with which users can add stickers or images from a website to easily explain themselves. Everyone can now enjoy more visual conversations, express themselves vividly and interact with others easily while being fully mobile.