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VoxyPAD all-in-one app for your communication

Mobile devices have become very popular in today's world, but people still find themselves wasting their time with loads of emails and phone calls. What do we need to maximize our mobile productivity and stay truly connected?

VoxyPAD telecommunication app comes to iPhone

Today, we're bringing our learning from user experience to introduce VoxyPAD app for iPhone. Available this summer, the app offers a smooth switch from the Ipad experience with all the features you love in VoxyPAD. The bright, clean and simple look is still there

VoxyPAD - A cross-platform app for real time sharing

Android users no longer have to wait to talk and collaborate in real time. VoxyPAD, the app for interactive telecommunication, is now available on most popular Android models. By providing more mobile offerings, VoxyPAD has become the comprehensive cross-platform for iOS and Android users, enabling them to seamlessly connect and collaborate together.

VoxyPAD Tip 5: Customize your profile

Cover photos. You can add a maximum of 5 photos for your cover. These cover photos will be displayed in order. Just tap on the photos themselves to make changes.

VoxyPAD Tip 4: Send creative messages

Create interesting messages with your own drawing and images.

VoxyPAD Tip 3: Real-time annotation

During your call session, you can use Notepad to share photos, documents and web pages with friends in real time.

VoxyPAD Tip 2: Your Interactive Notepad

When you call a friend, Notepad will automatically be activated and initialized within seconds. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with Notepad tools.

VoxyPAD Tip 1: Get more friends

It takes two to talk, share and collaborate. Once you have signed in with your Facebook accounts, you're ready to start.


In this Halloween season, VoxyPAD offers you opportunity to create special stickers with your face.