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A clever app
for visually demanding discussions

  • VoxyPad: grow your business

    Group studies made more efficient:

    When you view the same document and are able to comment, annotate or draw together - your group studies can be so much more efficient. No more wasted time trying to explain things by talking. Talk, draw, share - all at the same time - it is as good as being there in person!

  • VoxyPad: App Student

    Designers working better with VoxyPAD

    Sketch directly what your client expects on a common screen, share relevant models and take notes of their demands directly on the images. What more do you want?

  • VoxyPad: Sign up for free Chat Services

    Online shopping together made easy

    Whether you're at home or on the go, you can call your friends via VoxyPAD, share images and co-visit websites to make the best choice. VoxyPAD lets you illustrate what you want and get clear reply at the same time.

App features

Voice-based collaboration
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  • VoxyPAD to VoxyPAD calls
    VoxyPAD to VoxyPAD calls

    Free call to anyone on VoxyPAD with high-quality audio.

  • One-on-one collaboration
    One-on-one collaboration

    Notepad feature to support real-time collaboration on any content during your call.

  • Drawing tools
    Drawing tools

    Annotation with different pen styles, colors and common shapes.

  • Exchanging photos
    Exchanging photos

    Photos can be exchanged and seen at the same position on the Notepads of all participants.

  • Co-browsing web
    Co-browsing web

    Browser can be opened right in the Notepad. You can go to any web sites and co-browse the web with your friends.

  • Co-annotating cloud-based documents
    Co-annotating cloud-based documents

    Cloud-based access lets you sign in to your Dropbox, share and view the selected files with your friends.

  • Translation

    Translation can help you translate your text into various languages.

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  • Instant messaging
    Instant messaging

    Text messages with favorite message background.

  • Voice messages
    Voice messages

    Voice record to send as a message. This is quick and easy.

  • Content from Notepad
    Content from Notepad

    Photos, captured web pages, files and annotation on Notepad can be sent as a single image.

Multiple devices
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Support your customers anytime, anywhere

You can download VoxyPAD app to support your customers via Click2Call or use it as communication app to chat with your friends.

VoxyPAD app is available for

free download